GGD(NGG1) Low-voltage switchgeatr


The switchgear serves in the distrbution system of rated voltage of 380V and rated current of up to 3150A and AC 50Hz to transform,distribute and control power for motive power equipment,lighting equipment and distrbution equipment.It is mainly used in such places as power plant, substation and industrial & mineral enteprise.

Main features

●The cabinet body adopts the general type.The comp-onents of the cabinet are designed according to the modulus principle.
●Different quantity of heat dissipation holed are set in the lower and upper sides of the cabinet body.
●The surface of the cabinet body is processed with high-voltage static pladtic power,featuring high adhesion force and good sense of reality.It avoids the dazzling effect and creates a comfortable vision.

Mian techical parameter
Rated voltage 380V
Rated current 400A-3150A
Rated frequecy 50Hz
Rated short circuit breaking current 15kA,30kS,50kA


The switchgear serves in the power system of three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire to function as power receiving and feed,reactive power compensation,power metering,lighting and centralized control of motor in power generation plant,substation,industrial & minweal enterprise and tall buliding,etc.

Main features

●The basic frame of GCK and GCL is of packaged design.All structure parts of frame is processed by zinc-plating and plastic-blasting.
●The three copartments for bus,functional unit and cable,which can avoid the spread of accident and make live repair convenient.
●The door of compartment realizes the mechanical interlck through the operating mechanism of main switchand the drawer.

Mian techical parameter
Rated voltage AC 380V,660V
Rated insulation voltage 600V,1000V
Rated current

Horizontal bus:≤3150A

Vertical bus:630A,800A,1200A

Rated frequecy 50Hz
Protection grade IP30,IP40

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